Jan. 3rd, 2011

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Greetings, flisters! Happy 2011! I hope the year treats all of you fabulously. I am behind on everything due to a post-Christmas family vacation, so I still have many Yuletide stories to read and comment upon, but as always it's been a great experience. So many awesome stories!

Now that the reveal has happened, I can share that I wrote:

Going Up: Fran gets her life together. (The Apartment, Fran Kubelik/C.C. "Bud" Baxter)

I received a lovely prompt from [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] and got to write a story about one of my very favorite movies, which was both fun (an excuse to watch the movie multiple times!) and terrifying (it's written by BILLY WILDER! Who is kind of THE GREATEST! WTF was I THINKING?!). I can't thank my awesome beta [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] enough - she talked me down every time I got into one of those panicky thought spirals, and offered wonderful notes on the story, especially the ending!

Also, I'd like to mention again how much I enjoyed the story I received this Yuletide, especially because I screwed up the link the first time I posted about it. The story is a WONDERFUL Grosse Pointe story, and exactly what I was hoping for when I wrote my request! Here it is:

Day of Reckoning: You've spent the last year hurtling toward this day of reckoning; not even the sick feeling in your stomach is gonna make you shut up. (Grosse Pointe, Dave/Marcy)

I'm going to post my Yuletide story in my LJ in a couple of minutes, because that's what I've always done, but I have to say, I've come to really enjoy the Ao3 archive. I got a Kindle this year for Christmas and was able to save a bunch of stories to it using the Download function, which was pretty great! Yay for living in the future!
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Title: Going Up
Fandom/Pairing: The Apartment, Fran Kubelik/C.C. "Bud" Baxter
Rating: PG
Summary: Fran gets her life together. Post-movie.
Spoilers: For the whole movie.
Length: 4,200 words
Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lavender_basil for the awesome beta!

Even distracted, Mr. Baxter plays a better gin game than Fran. )


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