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Title: Belong to You
Fandom: Bolt
Rating: PG
Summary: When Penny and Bolt are asked to participate in a reunion special back in Hollywood, Mittens worries about her place in their lives.
Spoilers: For the whole movie.
Length: 4,900 words
Notes: Written for the Yuletide 2011 Challenge. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lavender_basil for the awesome beta!

Rhino finds out first, of course. )
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I've done Yuletide a few years now and I have two rules for myself: I only offer sources I straight-up love and I never offer fandoms I've written in before. This year I was assigned Bolt, super charming movie about a dog on a cross-country journey who thinks he's a superhero and along the way makes some friends, learns to be a real dog and has ADVENTURES - you can just watch this montage from the movie to get an idea of what it's like.

My recipient requested a story about the kitty sidekick in the movie, Mittens, who happened to be my favorite character in the movie. It was a lot of fun to write the story, even if it did lead me to do odd things like lie flat on the floor and stare at my two cats, asking, "What are you guys THINKING?" In mysterious (and quite typical) cat-like fashion, they were not very forthcoming.

Here is the story I finally came up with, no thanks to aforementioned housecats:

Belong to You (4901 words) by faviconfearlessfan
Fandom: Bolt (2008)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mittens (Bolt), Bolt (Bolt), Rhino (Bolt), Penny (Bolt), Penny's Mom (Bolt)

When Penny and Bolt are asked to participate in a reunion special back in Hollywood, Mittens worries about her place in their lives.

Another fun part of Yuletide this year was the fact that my good friend [livejournal.com profile] lavender_basil chose to participate in Yuletide for the first time! I was thrilled to beta her lovely Valentine's Day story, which was a sweet and satisfying expansion of the Sean and Holden love story we see in the movie. You should totally check it out! You can read it here:

You May Be the World (1636 words) by faviconLavenderBasil
Fandom: Valentine's Day (2010)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sean Jackson/Holden Wilson
Characters: Sean Jackson, Holden Wilson

It starts at dinner and falls apart over Jell-O.

Happy New Year, all! the last quarter of 2011 was full of a variety of unfun craziness for me and many people close to me, and so I'm ready to turn the page. I hope 2012 is full of wonderful things for all of you.
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Title: Going Up
Fandom/Pairing: The Apartment, Fran Kubelik/C.C. "Bud" Baxter
Rating: PG
Summary: Fran gets her life together. Post-movie.
Spoilers: For the whole movie.
Length: 4,200 words
Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lavender_basil for the awesome beta!

Even distracted, Mr. Baxter plays a better gin game than Fran. )
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Title: Flying Solo
Fandom/Pairing: Parks and Recreation, Ann/Leslie
Rating: PG
Summary: Ann figures out why things never worked out with Mark.
Spoilers: Takes place after the second season finale.
Length: 10,200 words
Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lavender_basil for the awesome beta!

'Ann, what's up?' Andy says, and it's not what he says but how he says it. The tone of his voice, the set of his shoulders - all of it radiates the same disappointed wariness Ann felt every time he showed up unexpectedly after their breakup.  )
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Greetings LiveJournal! I've been even worse about posting in this journal than I usually am, but one of the surest things to get me out of hiding is the post-bits-from-wips meme, which I've noticed floating around LJ lately. I'm a big fan of it, mostly because I'm so terrible at finishing stories and this gives me a reason to post bits of them without going through the annoying hard work of actually finishing them.

Here are quick bits from the two wips I've been kicking around for the last year or so.

Untitled Star Trek Reboot fic, Kirk/Spock )

Untitled SPN fic, Dean/Castiel )
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Title: Fundamentals of Chemistry
Fandom/Pairing: Community, Troy/Annie
Rating: PG
Summary: "What's up with Annie lately?" Troy asks. It's been on his mind for a few days now, this something-different-about-Annie, and it seems worth the risk of asking the group as a whole.
Length: 6,000 words.
Notes: Written for the Yuletide 2009 challenge.

After Annie leaves the study group early, Troy looks around the room and taps his notebook with a pencil. )
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Title: Pennsylvania
Fandom/Pairing: Psych/The Office crossover, Gus/Shawn
Rating: PG
Summary: Gus and Shawn are called in to Scranton, PA to solve a mystery.
Length: 10,200 words
Spoilers: Through the Season 5 finale of The Office, no spoilers for Psych beyond the general concept of the show.
Notes: Inspired by a prompt from the Festschrift Challenge, though it ended up being more focused on Psych than the Office. Thank you for the prompt!
Thanks: To Elizabeth, for reading this over so many times and giving me such valuable feedback and encouragement.

Gus! You are being a total party pooper! )
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Title: Bayside Revisited
Fandom/Pairing: Saved by the Bell
Rating: PG
Summary: Bayside High's Class of 1993 celebrates its 15 year reunion.
Length: 15,000 words.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] oldromantic in the Yuletide 2008 challenge.

The only reason Zack agrees to it is because he doesn't know what he's agreeing to at the time. )
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Title: Bayside Revisited
Fandom/Pairing: Saved by the Bell
Rating: PG
Summary: Bayside High's Class of 1993 celebrates its 15 year reunion.
Length: 15,000 words.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] oldromantic in the Yuletide 2008 challenge.

The DJ cancels at 3PM the day of the reunion, and Screech is so convinced that the stress is inducing a heart attack that he goes on WebMD to search for the symptoms. )
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Title: Five Things Robin Scherbatsky Doesn’t Do
Fandom/Pairing: How I Met Your Mother, Robin/Barney
Spoilers: Up through season three, and some plot points from season four, although they play out differently in the story.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Robin doesn’t fall in love with Barney (except for how she totally does).
Length: 9700 words.
Notes: Written for E, only five months after her birthday!
Notes Part II: This isn't a traditional five things story with five mini-universes, it's one chronological story.

.i. talk about her feelings )
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Title: New Beginnings Pie
Fandom: Waitress
Rating: PG
Summary: Jenna gets a pen pal and invents four pies.
Length: 4800 words.
Notes: Written for my RL buddy Elizabeth, who saw the movie and said, "I loved it! I loved it. I totally loved it, but . . . " This was written for her birthday this week.
Note Part II: I realized after the fact that the line I put in the cut text was a teensy bit spoily, so apologies for that - I usually just use the first line of the story and so I did that here without thinking about it.

Jenna gets a pen pal and invents four pies. )
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Title: Jury Duty
Fandom: 30 Rock, Gen
Spoilers: None beyond the general premise of the show.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Tracy has jury duty, Jenna discovers a new source of fame, Jack is on the verge of losing his job, and Liz tries to hold it all together.
Length: 7437 words.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] likeadeuce for the Yuletide 2007 challenge.

Liz has four messages when she gets in on Friday. )
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As I've stated before, I live for the old post-wips-meme, which I just noticed was making its way around fandom again. I stink at completing stories! Here are the few I've got stalled on my hard drive.

obligatory post-dh harry potter fic, ginny, not too spoilery )

ocean's 11, eventually rusty/linus, a snippet of which has appeared before )

refrigerator, office fic, michael, early season 3 )

Here's something that's even more self-indulgent than the stuff above, but really, as I've said before, what are LJs for if not to be ridiculously self-indulgent? Other people may have nobler purposes for their LJs but I do not.

I think I've posted before about how the one Office fic I completed was originally supposed to be set mid-season 2 and so most of the Jim/Pam stuff had to be rewritten to fit with the events of Casino Night. Most of the Jim/Pam jokes and light moments got cut, and it was a really hard decision b/c I spent SO LONG on those stupid jokes and then they ended up being scrapped. I kept the structure of the scenes and some of the actions and a lot of the descriptions, but most of the dialogue had to be re-done. I feel kind of dumb posting this but whatever, if nothing else it will serve as a handy place to find these scenes; I had to dig through my computer to find them just now.

random office snippets )
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Title: Piece by Piece
Fandom: Gilmore Girls, Lorelai
Spoilers: None beyond the general premise of the show.
Rating: PG
Summary: Lorelai picks up fragments of a future and hands them to her daughter piece by piece.
Length: 493 words.

Piece by Piece )
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Title: The Right Time
Fandom: Ugly Betty, Daniel/Betty
Spoilers: None beyond the general premise of the show and episode 1x12, Sofia's Choice. All speculation.
Rating: PG
Summary: When Betty Suarez wins her first National Magazine Award, Daniel Meade presents it to her.
Length: 6300 words.
Thanks: To E and Jenny for fab beta action! All mistakes and shortcomings are mine and mine alone.

The Right Time )
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As seen by my TREMENDOUS fic output (I average three stories a year, maybe), I'm not so great at finishing things. A couple of things I worked on last year but have since abandoned:

Remember when I was really into Smallville? Probably not. It only lasted three weeks. I watched last year's season finale and became totally obsessed with Clark and Chloe and how tragic it is going to be when she inevitably dies at the end of the show (that's always the way I've seen it, at least), and so I started this Clark/Lois future fic, and then lost interest. I think the Mets started playing really well and so I started obsessing over that.

On assignment, Lois's communication with the Planet is intermittent and dedicated solely to the story at hand. )

Aaaand I have this Pam/Roy in high school Office bit that I was working on earlier this spring, before I started working on and finished Spring Cleaning - some stuff from this was kind of folded into Spring Cleaning, actually. So it's kind of a retread. But isn't that the point of having one's own LJ? To be able to spew retreads and unbetaed, unfinished, pointless fic at the world at large?

The first time he comes up to her, Pam thinks he's kidding. )
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The reveal has happened! I wrote:

Conflict Resolution - Psych - Why Carlton Lassiter punched Shawn Spencer, and how they got past it.

Thanks to E and Kaelie, as always, for fab beta action! The link above goes to the Yuletide site, but I'll put it up on my website eventually. Yuletide was fun, overall, and also interesting. I may talk about it later in another post. For now, I will just post the 2006-in-fic meme, which I know you have all been waiting on pins and needles for. Your wait is over!

2006 Fanfic Meme )
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I've been working on some non-fun RL stuff today that involves long hours with my word processing program, which naturally led me to poke around my hard drive. I generally save-as my stories as I write, which means that I end up with multiple versions of each story on my hard drive (usually at least six). I was going through the files for the Bourne fic I wrote, and found this completed scene that I cut halfway through, I think maybe after a comment from a beta. Or maybe I just thought it was self-indulgent. Maybe it is. I don't care! It's only 500ish words, but it can kind of stand on its own, so I'm posting it.

Title: Cairo
Fandom: The Bourne Identity/Supremacy, Jason/Marie
Spoilers: The Bourne Identity. Set pre-Supremacy.
Summary: Marie gets sick in Cairo.

Marie gets sick in Cairo )
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People, I live for the times when the "post snippets from your works in progress" meme comes around, because I post approximately 1 completed story every 4.3 years. I love it when I get to cheat. I am even cheating with the meme, which says to post three lines, but the thing is, I can't pick out three lines (not because they're all so awesome, but because they all seem kind of mediocre and bland, not that that stops me from sharing). I'm going to post the opening scene/section for each instead. I AM SUCH A REBEL.

Also, you know, they're kind of rough, the second one especially.

That said! Here goes.

ocean's 11/12, untitled fic, eventually rusty/linus )

keen eddie, untitled eddie/fiona fic )
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