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I've been working on my Yuletide story, which of course means that I've been surfing LiveJournal and trying to find ways to avoid actually writing the story. I saw this meme in a few people's journals, and since this LJ is all about self-involved memes, I am posting it here:

What would you say are the trademarks of my writing? What themes or quirks or turns of phrase have you noticed?

The thing is, I haven't written that many stories, and I post them so infrequently and in random fandoms. Still, I am curious, if a bit fearful, because of course the answers I'm picturing are things like, "Well, usually I'm disappointed in the endings."

Which is something I think might be true. I've gotten that piece of feedback on more than one story. Also, when I go back to read over stuff I've written, the endings are most often the parts that I dislike or am disappointed in. There are some I like, and I can't figure out the common denominator - of the ones I liked, some came to me with the idea of the story, some came to me on my thirty-fifth pass through the story, some were randomly chosen, some were carefully planned.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks related to making a story ending work, or telling whether an ending works once you've written it? Do you have any pitfalls you've fallen into in the past that you've learned to avoid? Help me write a non-sucky ending to my Yuletide story, peeps!

(Not that I'm anywhere near the ending of my Yuletide story, of course.)


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