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This is about the time I panic about Yuletide, regret signing up, castigate my past self, etc - it's happening right on schedule. This time I'm not as far along with my story as I usually am at this point, due in part to poor planning and also in part to some family stuff that couldn't be helped. The fact that I'm not closer to done at this point is causing some panicky flareups, but I think I'll be okay. The story will get done, right? Right???

I have a good chunk of words right now, but the problem is that I hate most of them, and am afraid I'm writing a story my recipient will not like, and am worried that I'm missing the super-obvious awesome story concept/beat/turn that would make it fantastic. I must remind myself that this feeling is also part of my Yuletide process and that in the end it's all worth it because Yuletide is awesome! It forces me to finish at least one story a year! Which is necessary, since the other story I've been poking at is an Ocean's 11 story that's been in progress for like four years and is certainly not worth all the time and effort, but at this point it's turned into some kind of weird power struggle between me and the dumb story. You will not defeat me, pointless Ocean's 11 story! Someday I will finish you!

ANYWAY. So, the Anonymous Holiday Love Meme has come around again and I have signed up again, because I can't resist those things, and because I think they are pretty fun. If you have a thread, let me know!

My thread is here.

Back to Yuletide!
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Is everyone aware that Nickelodeon is now showing Friends, like, all the time? Or has this been going on for ages and I'm the only one completely unaware of this amazingness? I haven't watched it in years, probably, and all of a sudden I'm All About Friends and probably more appreciative of it than I was at the time, because it still holds up and is super super funny. Like, did you see the one where Ross and Rachel got married in Vegas? Still hilarious!

And now I seriously am going to attempt to do more of this 30 Days of Fanfic meme! Several days included below because as stated before, if I did one question a day, this wouldn't be finished until late 2016.

30 days of fanfic

Day 1 – How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

I'm not prolific at all, but I do tend to hop around fandoms, so this list got pretty long. I decided to format it this way: Fandom - # of stories completed - Any kind of wip looked at in the last year or so.

Remember Wenn - 2 stories (I think?)
Buffy - 1 story
Roswell - 6 stories? I think? Maybe 7? A couple of them I never pulled over to my website when I built it because I wasn't thrilled with them.
X-Men - 2 stories
Popslash - 1 story
Ocean's 11 - 1 story - 1 stubborn WIP I am determined to finish because I'm almost positive I know how it's supposed to end
Bourne movies - 1 story
Keen Eddie - 1 story
Psych - 1 story, 1 crossover
Friday Night Lights - 1 story
Ugly Betty - 1 story
The Office - 1 story, 1 crossover
30 Rock - 1 story
How I Met Your Mother - 1 story
Waitress - 1 story
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - 1 story
The Apartment - 1 story
Bringing Up Baby - 1 story
Parks and Recreation - 1 story
Community - 1 story
Saved by the Bell - 1 story
Gilmore Girls - 1 story
Alias - 1 story
American Dreams - 1 story

3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

I feel like this question is geared more towards people who wrote multiple stories in a fandom, which is not really me since Roswell, and it's been so long since Roswell that I don't think I could answer! If I had to pick from all of the stories listed above, I'd say the characters that were most fun to write were probably Gus from Psych, Tyra from Friday Night Lights, Rusty Ryan from Ocean's 11, and Robin from How I Met Your Mother.

4 – Do you have a "muse" character, that speaks to you more than others, or that tries to push their way in, even when the story isn't about them? Who are they, and why did that character became your muse?

I don't think so. The whole hopping from fandom-to-fandom thing makes it harder for me to really answer this, because characters can't really push themselves into other universes. As a general rule I don't really think of muses in relation to my writing.

5 –If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a story, whether your "muse" or not, what did you do about it?

Usually it happens because there's something missing in the story, or something I need to address about the characters or the underlying concept of the story. Even though both the Ocean's 11 story I have done and the one I've had half-written for ages are Rusty/Linus stories, Danny always make some kind of an appearance in the story because he's such a big presence that I feel he has to be addressed in some way. But it's not really about how I feel about Danny Ocean as a character, but his relationships with the two characters I'm building the story around. Generally I write the character in and then see if he/she belongs there once the story is done.

6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?

I don't really have a conscious preference, and I think my stories are pretty evenly split.

the rest of the meme )
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The thing about rarely posting in one's LJ is that I always feel like I should have A Pronouncement or something when I start an LJ entry, or at least A New Story, but I have nothing like that! I do have a fic rec, however - this story filled me with PURE DELIGHT when I discovered it last month and I think it's necessary that everyone read it because it's Just That Good.

Ending on the Rhyme - So Snake Juice gets recalled a week or so after its big launch. Something about illegal additives and ruptured stomach linings and other big words he doesn't bother remembering because he is too busy sneaking two cases out back into the trunk of his Acura Legend. (Parks & Rec, Donna/Jean-Ralphio)

The Jean-Ralphio voice is PERFECTION and a well-done Donna/Jean-Ralphio is one of those things I never knew I always wanted, to quote Fools Rush In (which is, for the record, a movie I haven't seen in years but remember thoroughly enjoying and now want to look up to see if it's on Netflix Watch Instantly or something). Anyway: You should totally read the story!

The other news from here is that I had a fic-related mini-crisis early last month, when my father sent me an e-mail with the subject line 'hilarious story' and the following in the body of the e-mail:

who the heck wrote the outstanding story attached?



I got the e-mail at work on my bargain-basement-smartphone (because my current job doesn't permit me to access the internet/personal e-mail/anything fun on the work computer) and it took approx. 86 hours for the attachment to appear on the e-mail, which I needed to see to tell which story he'd found. In that gap between me getting the e-mail and seeing the attachment, I went through cycles of panic, embarrassment, and close-reading (Does he know I wrote it? Is he being sarcastic with the 'outstanding'? WHY would he be sarcastic? HOW DID HE FIND THIS?) until finally I saw that it was the Psych story I wrote for Yuletide years ago, which to be honest was probably one of the better options for my dad to stumble across. When I finally spoke to him about it and told him I wrote it, at first he thought I was BRILLIANT for coming up with the whole fake-psychic-detective angle, which meant I had to explain Psych as a TV show, and then the whole concept of fanfic. It kind of blew his mind but - to his credit - in the end he was pretty cool about it.

The answer to the mystery of how he came across it is that I must have been working on it while filling in at his office years ago, which gives you an idea of the kind of dedication I bring to the desk as an employee, and apparently he came across it while going through some old files. Crazy! Also: Am hoping I didn't save any old files of Helen's guerillas or something, because that would be harder to explain, I think.

The other news from here is that I no longer have a website for my fic - for many, many years I was kindly hosted by the super-awesome [livejournal.com profile] kaelie, but over the last few years as I became more comfortable with LJ and now Ao3 I haven't been great about updating it, and so when she said she was considering letting the domain lapse, I realized I didn't feel the need to create another one. Most of my stuff is somewhere in this LJ or here, though there are a few things I still need to move over. What's there is kind of an odd mix, chosen primarily by my mood at the time I was uploading stuff, but eventually I hope to get everything over there.

As I've mentioned before, I heartily enjoy self-indulgent memes, especially self-indulgent fic memes, and so of course I can't resist the 30 days of fanfic meme. I actually really love reading people's responses to the meme and want everyone to do it! Though I find it comical that I'm doing a meme that's supposed to take 30 days when I average approx. six journal entries a year. Which means this meme will conclude in late 2016.

Anyway, the meme!

30 days of fanfic

Day 1 – How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

This got longer than I meant it to, which is how I describe almost everything I write nowadays. )
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One of my New Year's Resolutions was to be better about writing in general and updating my LJ in particular, and I'm doing as well with those as I'm doing with my other resolutions, like being on time for work (fifteen minutes late on Friday) and keeping my apartment tidy (it's a sty).

It's never too late to get started though, right? Let's hope so! I don't want to live in squalor forever, nor do I wish to repeat the epic fall I took when I tried to shave a few seconds off of my lateness by prioritizing speed over caution when attempting to cross the icy parking lot at my office last week.

So! The Fic Year in Review Meme! Although for me it's a Fic Years in Review Meme because I forgot to do it last year. Always on the ball here.

Stories I wrote (and posted):

Pennsylvania: Gus and Shawn are called in to Scranton, PA to solve a mystery. (Psych/The Office crossover, Gus/Shawn)

Fundamentals of Chemistry: Annie tries to get over her crush on Troy, and Troy chooses that moment to finally notice her. (Community, Troy/Annie - written for the Yuletide 2009 challenge)

Flying Solo: Ann figures out why things never worked out with Mark. (Parks and Recreation, Ann/Leslie)

Going Up: Fran gets her life together. Post-movie. (The Apartment, Fran Kubelik/C.C. "Bud" Baxter - written for the Yuletide 2010 challenge)

rambling about fic )
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We have reached That Point in the Yuletide experience - the point at which I realize it's just NOT POSSIBLE to get the story I want to write done in time, why didn't I get more done SOONER, and why did I sign up in the FIRST PLACE, why don't I ever REMEMBER how STRESSFUL it all is, etc etc! GOOD TIMES!

And so I do the most productive thing at such a moment: avoid Yueltide! Right now I'm watching some stuff I've got backlogged on my DVR and filling out the anonymous holiday love meme, because I'm a total sap and I LOVE stuff like that. My sap-o-meter is usually set pretty high, but now I feel like it's up at a Spinal Tap-esque 11 because of the holiday season. I mean, yesterday I straight-up told a coworker he should consider starting a gratitude journal, and earlier this week I got choked up singing along to Dan Fogelberg's Same Old Lang Syne.

And even though my fannish participation has fallen off in the last couple of years, I threw my name in there too, because I can rarely resist memes.

My thread is here.
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Greetings LiveJournal! I've been even worse about posting in this journal than I usually am, but one of the surest things to get me out of hiding is the post-bits-from-wips meme, which I've noticed floating around LJ lately. I'm a big fan of it, mostly because I'm so terrible at finishing stories and this gives me a reason to post bits of them without going through the annoying hard work of actually finishing them.

Here are quick bits from the two wips I've been kicking around for the last year or so.

Untitled Star Trek Reboot fic, Kirk/Spock )

Untitled SPN fic, Dean/Castiel )
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When I started this LJ, participating in fic-related memes was high on my list of journal-creation-pros, and rarely does one come along that I can resist. Especially when I should be doing something else (which is certainly the case right now), ESPECIALLY when I still have to finish writing snippets for the last meme I took part in. Basically I stink, feel terribly self-obsessed whenever I post one of these, and yet I keep posting them! It's like memes are a drug I can't quite quit.

Anyway, the meme!

Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 500 words) from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

A list with links to most of my fic can be found here.

In other news: I find myself in a weird headspace where I'm almost fannish-obsession-free. Perhaps this is just my mind automatically making room for the seasonal madness that is Yuletide? Randomly, the show that has most captured me this season is Community, which I totally did not expect, though I continue to follow most of the shows I have in the past. Am also loving The Good Wife and Parks & Recreation, the latter of which I had totally written off after trying two episodes last season.

Love it when TV can surprise you!
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I'm experiencing one of those periods where I'm sure I'll never finish another story EVER AGAIN, which I go through every so often, but this time it intersected with a meme I saw pop up on my flist, which I am going to try:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble (100 words) of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. You're under no obligation to post this back to your LJ if you request something, as the rules have stated. Also, a prompt would be super-helpful in addition to the pairing/character request, if that's possible, since I've been feeling about as creative as a potted plant lately.

Warning part I: I only have access to my LJ and the e-mail account associated with it at night, and the stupid 'M' key is semi-busted on my laptop, so it might take me a bit to respond and get the drabbles written.

Warning part II: I've never written drabbles, so there's a good chance these will be horrible!

And now after that enticing marketing campaign, a list of fandoms I think I could write in, which is kind of a random hodgepodge of shows I've been watching lately and shows I have always loved and repeatedly offer for Yuletide but am never assigned:

30 Rock
American Dreams
Keen Eddie
The Mentalist
The Office (US)
Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles

In other news: there is no other news.
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I am having a slightly rotten day, and so my resistance to memes is even weaker than usual! Here it is:

Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you something I knew, learned, or wondered about while writing it that didn't make it onto the page.
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The reveal has happened! This year I wrote:

Bayside Revisited - Bayside High's Class of 1993 celebrates its 15 year reunion. (Saved by the Bell, Ensemble, 15,000 words)

No, I did not put too many 0s in that number - I seriously wrote a 15,000 word Saved by the Bell story. Who knew I had so much to say about Saved by the Bell? Huge thanks to my friend Elizabeth, who read every part of this story more times than I can count, including revised versions of the ending three times on the morning I submitted it. Thanks also to E and Jess, who read pieces of the story as I wrote it, and of course, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] oldromantic for giving a helpful prompt and for her gracious response to the story!

And now, onto the 2008 fanfic meme!

more blathering about fic )
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I've seen my favorite meme floating around LJ lately, the old Post-Bits-from-Works-in-Progress meme. I love it because I get to post things without finishing stories. I almost never get to post things because I am very, very bad at finishing stories, and I welcome any chance I get to cheat.

Posted in order from the ones I'd most like to finish, or think I'm most likely to finish, to those that fell off my radar completely, either because I stopped being obsessed by the fandom/pairing, or because I ended up writing a different story altogether.

Get There, Ocean's 11, Rusty/Linus, aka The Story I Will Finish IF IT KILLS ME, if only to prove to myself that I am capable of writing more than one story in a fandom )

Pennsylvania, Psych/The Office Crossover, Gus/Shawn )

Untitled Ugly Betty fic, Betty/Daniel )

Untitled Iron Man story, eventually Pepper/Tony (I think, I never really got that far) )

Four Times Robin Should Have Realized Barney Loved Her (and One Time She Did), How I Met Your Mother, Robin/Barney )
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I'm at that point with my Yuletide story where I'm absolutely convinced that it will be HORRIBLE, that my recipient will hate it and fandom will make fun of me! My recipient gave me a good prompt, and I have a story idea, and I've pluggled along so that I'm halfway through the draft, but I still have this oh-no-it's-awful!! feeling.

And so I couldn't resist when I saw that they're running an anonymous holiday love meme - I put my name up there: my thread is here, if anyone is interested.

I want to talk about my Yuletide story more, but I would have to get fandom-specific, and I can't do that! So pretend that there are paragraphs upon paragraphs of my questions and thoughts about my Yuletide fandom, and lots of self-doubt, etc.
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I saw this meme linked in someone's journal, and decided to take it, knowing that of COURSE I would be Liz Lemon, one of my favorite characters on TV now. And instead I am:

I mean, I love Jenna! I really do! I missed her on the most recent episode! But I always think of myself as a Liz - it's like thinking you're the real Stephen Colbert and discovering you're the character Stephen Colbert. It's VERY DISCONCERTING!

Also, there's another meme going around, and since one of the main mission statements of this LJ is to take part in memes, I will:

Quote a bit of my writing at me? Find that one story of mine that you really like, and find a sentence or a paragraph that presses your prose-buttons in the right way, and comment here with it? Don't care how long or short.

You can find my stories here.
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As I've stated before, I live for the old post-wips-meme, which I just noticed was making its way around fandom again. I stink at completing stories! Here are the few I've got stalled on my hard drive.

obligatory post-dh harry potter fic, ginny, not too spoilery )

ocean's 11, eventually rusty/linus, a snippet of which has appeared before )

refrigerator, office fic, michael, early season 3 )

Here's something that's even more self-indulgent than the stuff above, but really, as I've said before, what are LJs for if not to be ridiculously self-indulgent? Other people may have nobler purposes for their LJs but I do not.

I think I've posted before about how the one Office fic I completed was originally supposed to be set mid-season 2 and so most of the Jim/Pam stuff had to be rewritten to fit with the events of Casino Night. Most of the Jim/Pam jokes and light moments got cut, and it was a really hard decision b/c I spent SO LONG on those stupid jokes and then they ended up being scrapped. I kept the structure of the scenes and some of the actions and a lot of the descriptions, but most of the dialogue had to be re-done. I feel kind of dumb posting this but whatever, if nothing else it will serve as a handy place to find these scenes; I had to dig through my computer to find them just now.

random office snippets )
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Okay, so there's this meme going around, you might have seen it:

WRITER'S MEME: Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of the top five favorite stories you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most.

I feel kind of ridiculous taking part since I haven't written that many stories, and worry that I will sound ridiculously self-congratulatory and lame. But then I thought to myself: What is the purpose of an LJ if not to TAKE THOSE RISKS! I am daring to be potentially lame!

(Not that I think people who have already taken part in this meme are lame - I've enjoyed reading what people have to say!)

See, the thing is, I write so few stories, and spend so much time on the ones I do finish, that I kind of miss having them in my head after the fact and can't pass up the opportunity to talk about them later.

Here is my list! Though to be honest, if you ask me another day, you'd probably get a very different list. Different things bother me about my writing on different days, and therefore my favorite stories change. Here are the ones I like best at the moment. As you already know, I am incredibly long-winded. And so we use the cut-tag!

Read more... )

I tag everyone to take part in this, if only to make me feel less lame! Really, it's so I can read more about what people think of their writing, and also to offer me more stories to read. Please partake!
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There are lots of things I should be doing but I feel the need to procrastinate, which is usually when I end up writing a story, but I'm stuck in the middle of the one I'm working on now and can't figure out where to go next. So I turn to a meme!

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal canon.

Off to stare at the hateful story.
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There's a meme going around involving posting your first lines to stories, which I could not resist. Here they are! In reverse chronological order, and complete with links to the complete stories!

When Betty Suarez wins her first National Magazine Award, Daniel Meade presents it to her. -- The Right Time (Ugly Betty, Daniel/Betty)

They're playing spin the bottle and it's so stupid that Tyra almost can't believe it's happening, but then she remembers that it's Melissa Crandall's party, and Melissa has always been kind of lame, but in a sweet way, which is why Tyra put a ten instead of a five dollar bill into her birthday card. -- Feel That (Friday Night Lights, Tyra/Jason)

Carlton Lassiter arrives at the office complex at eleven in the morning on a Wednesday, destined for Suite 114. -- Conflict Resolution (Psych, Lassiter, Shawn Gen)

A week after Casino Night, a memo comes in over the fax machine from New York: spring cleaning this week in the office. -- Spring Cleaning (The Office, Jim/Pam, Ensemble)

Clarissa is drinking watery coffee at a diner, about to start in on her beef stew, wondering whether her old friend Sadie in Chicago meant it when she said Clarissa could visit anytime, when she has the conversation that turns her around. -- The Redemption of Clarissa Saunders (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Smith/Saunders)

Sam had stopped looking for her. -- Someday (American Dreams, Sam/Meg)

"Dude." -- What Partners Do (Keen Eddie, Eddie/Monty)

Susan wants David to wear a blindfold to the reception. -- Lovely (Bringing Up Baby, David/Susan)

All Marie remembers of the consulate and the car is frustration, fear, and the sound of her own voice filling the air. -- Breathe (The Bourne Identity, Jason/Marie)

In Chicago, Rusty has a reuben so perfect that he takes a picture of the deli, even though he knows he'll never forget. -- Drive (Ocean's 11, Rusty/Linus)

It was a dry spring and hot, too, so the field was dusty for most of April, dirt catching in the air and sticking to the sweat on Joey’s face and neck and arms. -- The Show (Popslash baseball AU, JC/Chris)

Danny is dead and Francie doesn't know what to do. -- The Rarest Faith (Alias, Francie Gen)
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The reveal has happened! I wrote:

Conflict Resolution - Psych - Why Carlton Lassiter punched Shawn Spencer, and how they got past it.

Thanks to E and Kaelie, as always, for fab beta action! The link above goes to the Yuletide site, but I'll put it up on my website eventually. Yuletide was fun, overall, and also interesting. I may talk about it later in another post. For now, I will just post the 2006-in-fic meme, which I know you have all been waiting on pins and needles for. Your wait is over!

2006 Fanfic Meme )
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