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I'm terrible about updating my website, but I just did it now because there are other things I should really be doing - I uploaded:

The Right Time (Ugly Betty, Daniel/Betty)
When Betty Suarez wins her first National Magazine Award, Daniel Meade presents it to her.


Piece by Piece (Gilmore Girls, Lorelai Gen)
Lorelai picks up fragments of a future and hands them to her daughter piece by piece.

I am not a web design mastermind, so apologies in advance if I messed up (which is very possible).

In the process of putting those files up there, I ended up (very) slightly reorganizing the page where I list the fic I've written, which led to me clicking around and reading some of them - always dangerous! I broke down and ended up going into one story file to make some edits (changing a word/sentence or two to clarify something I found confusing reading it over now), but there were slightly more extensive changes I wanted to make on one story in particular and I couldn't bring myself to do it. It felt like cheating somehow, even though the change wasn't anything too big - just deleting two or three paragraphs to make one scene a little tighter. But still I felt weird doing it.

Do other people edit stories after they've been posted?

quick notes

Mar. 3rd, 2006 11:32 pm
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I've put the Mr. Smith Goes to Washington fic up on my website - you can find it in the old post or here:

The Redemption of Clarissa Saunders

Also, I wanted to link to a story I really enjoyed and keep forgetting to mention:

[personal profile] lizbee's Maps to the Stars' Homes is a really nice post-war Harry Potter fic, focusing on Harry's reaction to the end of the war. It features a particularly nice Ginny, I think. I really liked it.

And yes, I am a totally wild and crazy cutting-edge HP fan who totally thinks Harry and Ginny are mfeo. They are!
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Sam had stopped looking for her. (Sam/Meg)

Thanks to E and Kaelie.

Feedback is welcome, in comments or via e-mail to jess@slumberwalk.com.
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What Partners Do

Eddie knows he should open his eyes. (Eddie/Monty)

Thanks to the always fab E and Kaelie!

Site update! I've changed the layout of the main page, updated the links (holy crap, there are actually links there now!), and rearranged the fic listing on the fic page so that the most recent fandoms are on top. And I think that's it! Wow, that sounds so breezy and cool - really, it took blood, sweat, tears, and desperate pleas for help from Kaelie to do the few changes I came up with. Thanks again to the fabulous BT!
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Written for Melymbrosia's birthday (and just under the wire for Valentine's Day!), a short fic based on the film Bringing Up Baby:


Susan wants David to wear a blindfold to the reception.

Thanks to Kaelie and E, as always.
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The LJ is an hour old, and here I am with a story. Bourne Identity/Supremacy, and I suck at summaries – it's Jason/Marie, post-Identity, pre-Supremacy.


This one goes out to E, the better half of the We Unexpectedly Heart Matt Damon Society (WUHMDS). And also, as always, to Kaelie, whose awesomeness is beyond measure.


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