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It's Yuletide time again! I've been debating internally over whether to do the challenge again this year (last year was my first time), and as a result had the following conversation:

Self: Well, I was thinking, I really enjoyed the Yuletide challenge last year, so -

Friend: Wait, what?

Self: I was just saying that I enjoyed doing the Yuletide challenge last year.

Friend: No, you didn't!

Self: I didn't?

Friend: No! You were totally stressed out! You spent most of our conversations last fall complaining about having signed up in the first place!

Self: I did?

(Cue wavy-lined flashback featuring me sitting amidst piles of Diet Pepsi cans, staring bleakly at the computer screen, until finally I open a compose mail window instead of MS Word and write an endless e-mail along the lines of of,


How am I supposed to write about Lassiter when CLEARLY Shawn and Gus are the funniest things on the show? DAMN YOU, Self of six weeks ago, for clicking "Any Character" on the Psych pull-down menu when signing up for the challenge! DAMN YOU!

Also, how are you?


Friend: Remember?

Self: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

And yet. AND YET. I find myself still tempted to take part! I think most of this is because I'm still dying to read a story about Cowboy Lowell and Sun Fu from Broken Trail, whose relationship high point is featured about halfway through this trailer (said high point is, rather pathetically, her reaching up to touch his cheek). Okay, there may have been two other moments as or more exciting, but nothing fully satisfying! And I still so long for their story!
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I've been clicking around the Yuletide archive in a rather haphazard way, and have come across some stories I really liked, and am afraid I'll forget to link to if I don't do it now:

The Joy as it Flies - Bull Durham - Another season, another rookie, and Crash is getting older.

Wild Honey - Fried Green Tomatoes - wither thou goest I will go, and wither thou lodgest I will lodge. Your people shall be my people

My hands remember hers - Deadwood - Snow in Deadwood, December 23rd: a house turns inside-out, Joanie decorates and Jane goes for a walk.

Oceans Apart - Before Sunrise series - After the sunset, with flashbacks to before.

I would explain why each of the stories is so awesome, but I am running late for Christmas dinner!


Dec. 25th, 2006 02:39 am
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Way back in July of this year, I wrote an entry about how I wanted to read a fic about Elle and Emmett from Legally Blonde getting together, since it's only hinted at in the movie. I signed up for Yuletide and put that in as one of my requests, and, yayness of yayness, someone wrote me a WONDERFUL story that is totally what I was wishing for five months ago!

Sui Generis - Elle's good at getting what she wants, even if everyone else doesn't always take her seriously.

Legally Blonde is one of those movies that I suspect most people secretly or not-so-secretly love, so I'm sure this is a gift for me that will make lots of other people happy, too! It certainly made me happy!

Yay, Yuletide!


Nov. 3rd, 2006 12:40 am
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Yuletide person!

I'm not sure about the format of these things, but first of all, thank you in advance!

Second of all, I want you to know that I know that the specific things I mentioned in my requests aren't mandatory, so don't stress yourself horribly if you can't comfortably write something with those specific requirements. No stress! Or at the very least, as little stress as possible!

Third of all, a couple of other ficcy things:

-I don't need explicit sex (but if you want to include it, that's fine, too!).

-Most of my requests included a specific pairing, but the truth is that I love the spirit or feel of each of the fandoms more than anything, so as long as it's in keeping with the spirit of the source material, I'm more than happy with gen in any of the fandoms I suggested.

I think that's it! I swear I'm easy to please.


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