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This year I said I wasn't going to do Yuletide unless I won my grudge match with that dumb story I've been trying to finish for like two years, and then I didn't finish the story but I signed up for Yuletide anyway because I have no integrity. Probably for the best; that grudge-match story really isn't worth the trouble (BUT I STILL WANT TO FINISH IT, only I don't know why anymore.)


Dear Awesome Yuletide Writer,

First of all, thank you! Thank you so much for taking on this challenge and writing a story for me - I will totally love any story you write, so please, do not stress! That would be my one big post-actual-request request: that you, lovely Yuletide writer, not worry too much about this, because I know I will love anything you come up with.

I understand that the details I included in my requests are totally, completely optional and I am not expecting you to write a story that contains any/some/all of what I rambled on about. For each fandom, I tried to explain why I chose the source material and give a few potential story ideas, but please don't feel bound by them. I included them in the hopes that if you needed a jumping-off point they would be helpful, but if you have something different in mind, go for it!

General Story Things I'm Okay With Either Way: Most of my requests feature characters that have either canonically been in a relationship or who I'd be interested to see exploring some kind of a romantic relationship, but if you aren't feeling those relationships as romances, then I'm okay with gen fics featuring any of these characters.

General Story Things I Like: hopeful endings, people making connections with each other, yearning, angst, banter, people trying to be the best versions of themselves (and succeeding for failing).

General Story Things I Don't Go For: cruelty, characters hurting each other deliberately.

In conclusion: Thank you again, Yuletide writer! You are awesome!

Here's more about the specific requests I made:

Code Name Verity - Maddie Brodatt | Kittyhawk, Jamie Beaufort-Stuart, Julia Beaufort-Stuart | Verity

I would love to see something about Maddie after the war - what her life looks like, how Julia lingers in her memory. Perhaps she runs in to Jamie, or he seeks her out, and she takes stock of where life has taken her and how her experiences in the war shaped her? I have to confess that as I was reading the book, part of me hoped for a Jamie/Maddie romance eventually emerging, but if that doesn't work for you, my main preference is just for something that explores and acknowledges the friendship between Maddie and Julia.

Additional Notes: I gobbled this book down in a few days and have to confess that my memory of the specifics of the book are a little murky. I do remember that I loved Maddie and Julia and their friendship with each other, and how moving I found it. (It's tricky writing this so that it doesn't spoil you if you matched on another fandom and want to read this book.) Story ideas: Maddie visits Julia's family for a holiday after the war (Christmas maybe)? Maddie runs into Jamie unexpectedly - or even not-so-unexpectedly (maybe he seeks her out)?

North and South - Margaret Hale, John Thornton

I loved this miniseries so much that when I was working a super stressful job a few years ago, I would watch five minutes from it every morning before leaving in the morning to put myself in a good mood. I'd be happy with a missing moment during the mini series, or a glimpse of what came after, all I really care is that it's true to the characters and the spirit of the miniseries.

Additional Notes: What do I love about North and South? Basically everything. I love how unapologetically it embraces the melodrama in the romance. (He receives a TEACUP from her HAND and it is a BIG DEAL!) I love how John Thornton loves Margaret from the start, can't help it and can't stop it, even after he's been rejected. I love how Margaret comes to regret her rejection when she comes to better understand and appreciate him. I love how ridiculous and unrealistic and thoroughly satisfying their reunion on the train platform is. Basically, I love all of it, most of all how this is a story about two really decent people who love each other and want to do the right thing and have a hard time coming to understand and see how each can fit in each other's world. I would love to see their wedding, their first Christmas, their children, or even a missing moment from the miniseries. Basically anything, really.

Remember WENN - Betty Roberts, Scott Sherwood

I loved the energy between Betty and Scott on the show, and I would love a story featuring that. Even something as simple as the two of them eating lunch together at the station, or Scott forcing Betty to go out to dinner with him as a way of securing a sponsor for the station - anything! I so loved this show, and these two characters in particular.

Additional Notes: I haven't seen this show in ages but I still have such affection for it, and for these two characters in particular. I loved the dynamic between Betty and Scott, in particular what each brought out in the other. I always felt like when Scott was around, Betty was a more assured, confident version of herself; when Betty was around, I felt like Scott became a little more thoughtful and connected to his good heart. I keep trying to come up with more to say, but basically it boils down to, I love these two! I miss these two! Anything you write with these two characters will be a delight to me, I just know it.

And again, thank you so much for taking part in this challenge and for writing a story for me. I'm super excited! Yay, Yuletide!!
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