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I signed up for Yuletide under less-than-ideal circumstances - in the middle of my mother's unexpected four-day hospital stay, during which I spent most of parked by her bedside, because my feelings for my mom are pretty well captured by Bedelia on Saturday Night Live. After a day in the hospital it became clear that my mother was getting better - she was in because of a crazy tooth infection gone wild that finally responded to IV antibiotics - but she'd have to stay there for several days, likely all the way through Yuletide signups. I brought my laptop in to watch movies on, and discovered that lo! The hospital had a wireless connection! And so I found myself on the Ao3 on one of those sleepless nights, eating my third Chipwich of the day (gained 4 pounds in 4 days because of that wretched ice cream vending machine), blearily tapping away at my requests and offers, which meant yay! I got to sign up for Yuletide!

...but I'm afraid my signup might have been a little jumbled as a result of stress/lack of sleep/too many Chipwiches. I did put up a Yuletide letter, but put nothing specific in there about my requests, which were less thought-out than I planned for them to be and probably could have used more clarification. And editing.

This is a long way of saying that if you have come to visit my LJ, Awesome Yuletide Writer, after reading my vague Yuletide letter in the hopes of getting more information, I've amended my original Yuletide letter here with a little more information. And everyone else, apologies for the second Yuletide post!

Speaking of Yuletide, I got my assignment and I'm kind of excited! I'm hoping to revisit the source over the weekend, but already I've got ideas floating around in my head. I feel like this is a dangerous point in Yuletidery; I always worry about growing super attached to a story idea that turns out to be impossible because I've mis-remembered aspects of the source material. Man, I remember back in The Day how I used to be BAFFLED by my parents and other adults not being able to remember every last detail of a movie they saw, and then earlier tonight I found myself clicking around on Amazon deals and saw that the bluRay of the 1993 movie Indian Summer is on sale for $4.99 on Amazon and I was super-tempted to buy it because I remember my thirteen-year-old self LOVING IT and watching it a RIDICULOUS NUMBER OF TIMES and right now I can't remember one thing that happens in the movie. At all. I know they're at a summer camp? And it's like a 20-year-reunion or something? And there's a lake? And that's all I got. I feel like maybe one character is in a bad relationship and reconnects with an old camp buddy and finds true love? Maybe? Or maybe that's just what I really WANT to have happened in the movie, which I very may purchase even though I have no real memory of it?

It's ridiculous how grumpy I was when I discovered the movie wasn't available on Netflix Watch Instantly. I know, Louis CK is right, I'm being ridiculous, but. Doesn't that seem like the kind of movie that should be on Netflix Watch Instantly?

Enough late-night rambling from me - and Happy Thanksgiving, to all who will be celebrating this week!
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