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NOTE: Awesome Yuletide writer, I've amended the letter I originally posted last week for reasons I explain in this entry, and the letter here is a little more detailed than it was originally. I hope it's helpful to you, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment here anonymously and I'll try to answer them. I'm afraid my original requests might have been a little jumbled/confusing, so I wanted to include more information in this letter in the hopes of maybe clearing up any issues that might have come up.

Dear Awesome Yuletide Writer,

First of all, thank you! Thank you so much for taking on this challenge and writing a story for me - I will totally love any story you write, so please, do not stress! That would be my one big post-actual-request request: that you, lovely Yuletide writer, not worry too much about this, because I know I will love anything you come up with.

I understand that the details I included in my requests are totally, completely optional and I am NOT expecting you to write a story that contains any/some/all of what I rambled on about. For each fandom, I tried to explain why I chose the source material and give a few potential story ideas, but please don't feel bound by them. I included them in the hopes that if you needed a jumping-off point they would be helpful, but if you have something different in mind, go for it!

General Story Things I Like: hopeful endings, people making connections with each other, yearning, angst, banter, people trying to be the best versions of themselves (and succeeding for failing).

General Story Things I Don't Go For: cruelty, characters hurting each other deliberately.

In conclusion: Thank you again, Yuletide writer! You are awesome!

Here's more about the specific requests I made:

Easy A - Dill Penderghast, Rosemary Penderghast

I loved Olive's parents in the movie and would love any kind of story featuring them. In particular, I was intrigued by the references to their pasts, and I was wondering how they found each other. I'd love to read a story exploring that, maybe when they first met, or their first date, or the moment when one or both of them decided that they should get married or have kids.

Additional Notes: I loved Easy A on just about every level, and the one thing I found myself wanting to know more about when I left the movie was Dill and Rosemary. The hints at their past are so intriguing to me; they struck me as two people who had settled into a peaceful, satisfying life after rocky starts in life, and I'd love to see any steps along that journey that strike you as particularly interesting. And I know that I wrote about them deciding to 'have kids' above, but I really should have said something like 'how they became parents' because we know that at least one (and perhaps both) of their children is adopted. Basically, I just loved their relationship and the family they created and want to see more of that, and would be happy with just about anything that stays true to the movie's warm, funny, and heartfelt spirit.

Better Off Ted - Ted Crisp, Linda Zwordling, Veronica Palmer

Oh, how I loved this show. I found all of the characters delightful but Ted, Linda, and Veronica were my very favorites. At first I found Ted and Linda's romantic circling of each other a little forced, but by the end of the series, I'd been won over by Linda's loopy charm and found myself wanting those two crazy kids to work it out. I'd love to read a story where we saw that happen; how do they get together? What if they tried to hide it from the rest of the company? How would Veronica take it? I love Veronica as a character, and one of my favorite elements of the later parts of the series was the development of Linda and Veronica's friendship, so if Ted/Linda isn't your thing, I'd love to read a gen story about Linda and Veronica. What if the two of them got paired up at a wretched mandatory training? Or a gen story about all three characters would be fun, too - something holiday-themed, maybe? How would Veridian Dynamics approach the obligatory holiday party? Or a pot-luck lunch? How would Veronica approach holiday gift-giving? Appearances by any other supporting characters are welcome (but of course not required or expected - as the signup says, optional details are optional :)), since I loved everyone on the show.

Additional Notes: Okay, this was the prompt that made me a little worried when I read it over because it's so all over the place! The one thing I wanted to clarify was that even though I put Ted, Linda, and Veronica in the characters list, I would be happy with a story focusing on ANY of these three characters in the varied combinations I (ramblingly) described in my prompt, and that you should not feel obligated to include all of them. If you decide you want to write a story focusing on Ted and Linda, don't feel obligated to include Veronica; if you decide to write a story about Linda and Veronica's burgeoning friendship, don't feel like you have to fit Ted in there unless you want to; and if you decide a gen story featuring all three (and any other supporting characters) is what you're really in the mood for, I'll love it! Whatever floats your boat is fine with me.

Cougar Town - Laurie Keller, Travis Cobb

I love all the hints the show's dropped about how these two characters might be right for each other at some point in the future. I'd love to read a story exploring that - how might they get together? Who makes the first move? How does the group handle it? I do feel rather hopeful about these two, so I wouldn't really care for a story exploring why a relationship between them wouldn't work out, but if you're not into the romantic possibilities of their relationship, I'd also enjoy a story focusing on their friendship and the place each fills in the other's life.

Additional Notes: Cougar Town is a show that it took me a while to love, and when I did, I went all in. I love all of the characters but there's a special place in my heart for Laurie and Travis; I feel like they each have a softer edge than the rest of the characters on the show and I love the moments when you see them be vulnerable with each other. I know I placed a lot of emphasis on getting-together-stories in my prompt, but I also really like the dynamic in their relationship now, where Travis has an obvious crush on Laurie that she sometimes ignores and sometimes seems flattered by and sometimes takes advantage of. Something that explores that dynamic would be fabulous too.

Remember WENN - Betty Roberts, Scott Sherwood

I loved the energy between Betty and Scott on the show, and I would love a story featuring that. Even something as simple as the two of them eating lunch together at the station, or Scott forcing Betty to go out to dinner with him as a way of securing a sponsor for the station - anything! I so loved this show, and these two characters in particular.

Additional Notes: I haven't seen this show in ages but I still have such affection for it, and for these two characters in particular. I loved the dynamic between Betty and Scott, in particular what each brought out in the other. I always felt like when Scott was around, Betty was a more assured, confident version of herself; when Betty was around, I felt like Scott became a little more thoughtful and connected to his good heart. I keep trying to come up with more to say, but basically it boils down to, I love these two! I miss these two! Anything you write with these two characters will be a delight to me, I just know it.

And again, thank you so much for taking part in this challenge and for writing a story for me. I'm super excited! Yay, Yuletide!!


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