Apr. 9th, 2012

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Newfangled technology always seemed pretty intuitive to me, but now I feel like my mother trying to use her cell phone - I just created a tumblr and I'm trying to figure out how to customize it and find people and create something approximating a reading list and put content up there, and FAILING. It's like when delicious disappeared and people went to pinboard, and so I went to pinboard, and I CAN'T FIGURE THAT OUT EITHER. I AM GETTING OLD. WAY FASTER THAN I EXPECTED TO.

But once I figure out how to add people to my tumblr, I would love to add all of you! Do you have a tumblr? If so, link me up! I am fearless-fan.tumblr.com; the hyphen is there because some Bieberfan stole fearlessfan without the hyphen - I am saying Bieberfan in a descriptive rather than a pejorative way, as I have been known to jam to the occasional Bieber song, especially Somebody to Love, which awesomely/awkwardly features Usher, and DUDE, THE USHER/BIEBER THING FASCINATES ME SO MUCH, it's like A Star Is Born but with male teen pop stars, right?

Speaking of my status as an aged, decrepit fannish soul, has everyone seen this retrospective of fandom in the 1990s? Reading that over was such a blast from the past. Mailing lists! Archives! Etc!

It reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend the other day; she found a card I'd sent her when I was in high school, and I'd included my confirmation name in my signature, because that's the kind of awesomely cool teenager I was. She said she couldn't even remember her confirmation name, and I realized that I could remember mine because it was my first fannish pseudonym, which I had to abandon because I accidentally signed an e-mail to a mailing list I was on back then with my ACTUAL first name instead of my confirmation name, and I utterly panicked and made up some story about my cousin using my e-mail account and for some reason wanting to send an e-mail to one of my fannish mailing lists? Totally ridiculous, and I had to own up to it actually being me, and it was super embarrassing.

It got me thinking about other fannish faux pas I had in my early days. Like:

*Sending a gen story I wrote about two male characters to a mailing list with a / between their names because I thought the "/" just meant that the story was equally focused on the two characters, and then was puzzled when I got feedback about all the sexual tension in the story;

*Sending a story to the huge X-Men: The Movie mailing list and realizing that I spelled Rogue's name Rouge in the subject line and wanting to DIE; and

*The reams of terrible stories I wrote.

Good times!


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