Sep. 2nd, 2011

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The thing about rarely posting in one's LJ is that I always feel like I should have A Pronouncement or something when I start an LJ entry, or at least A New Story, but I have nothing like that! I do have a fic rec, however - this story filled me with PURE DELIGHT when I discovered it last month and I think it's necessary that everyone read it because it's Just That Good.

Ending on the Rhyme - So Snake Juice gets recalled a week or so after its big launch. Something about illegal additives and ruptured stomach linings and other big words he doesn't bother remembering because he is too busy sneaking two cases out back into the trunk of his Acura Legend. (Parks & Rec, Donna/Jean-Ralphio)

The Jean-Ralphio voice is PERFECTION and a well-done Donna/Jean-Ralphio is one of those things I never knew I always wanted, to quote Fools Rush In (which is, for the record, a movie I haven't seen in years but remember thoroughly enjoying and now want to look up to see if it's on Netflix Watch Instantly or something). Anyway: You should totally read the story!

The other news from here is that I had a fic-related mini-crisis early last month, when my father sent me an e-mail with the subject line 'hilarious story' and the following in the body of the e-mail:

who the heck wrote the outstanding story attached?



I got the e-mail at work on my bargain-basement-smartphone (because my current job doesn't permit me to access the internet/personal e-mail/anything fun on the work computer) and it took approx. 86 hours for the attachment to appear on the e-mail, which I needed to see to tell which story he'd found. In that gap between me getting the e-mail and seeing the attachment, I went through cycles of panic, embarrassment, and close-reading (Does he know I wrote it? Is he being sarcastic with the 'outstanding'? WHY would he be sarcastic? HOW DID HE FIND THIS?) until finally I saw that it was the Psych story I wrote for Yuletide years ago, which to be honest was probably one of the better options for my dad to stumble across. When I finally spoke to him about it and told him I wrote it, at first he thought I was BRILLIANT for coming up with the whole fake-psychic-detective angle, which meant I had to explain Psych as a TV show, and then the whole concept of fanfic. It kind of blew his mind but - to his credit - in the end he was pretty cool about it.

The answer to the mystery of how he came across it is that I must have been working on it while filling in at his office years ago, which gives you an idea of the kind of dedication I bring to the desk as an employee, and apparently he came across it while going through some old files. Crazy! Also: Am hoping I didn't save any old files of Helen's guerillas or something, because that would be harder to explain, I think.

The other news from here is that I no longer have a website for my fic - for many, many years I was kindly hosted by the super-awesome [ profile] kaelie, but over the last few years as I became more comfortable with LJ and now Ao3 I haven't been great about updating it, and so when she said she was considering letting the domain lapse, I realized I didn't feel the need to create another one. Most of my stuff is somewhere in this LJ or here, though there are a few things I still need to move over. What's there is kind of an odd mix, chosen primarily by my mood at the time I was uploading stuff, but eventually I hope to get everything over there.

As I've mentioned before, I heartily enjoy self-indulgent memes, especially self-indulgent fic memes, and so of course I can't resist the 30 days of fanfic meme. I actually really love reading people's responses to the meme and want everyone to do it! Though I find it comical that I'm doing a meme that's supposed to take 30 days when I average approx. six journal entries a year. Which means this meme will conclude in late 2016.

Anyway, the meme!

30 days of fanfic

Day 1 – How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

This got longer than I meant it to, which is how I describe almost everything I write nowadays. )


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