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The reveal has happened! This year I wrote:

Bayside Revisited - Bayside High's Class of 1993 celebrates its 15 year reunion. (Saved by the Bell, Ensemble, 15,000 words)

No, I did not put too many 0s in that number - I seriously wrote a 15,000 word Saved by the Bell story. Who knew I had so much to say about Saved by the Bell? Huge thanks to my friend Elizabeth, who read every part of this story more times than I can count, including revised versions of the ending three times on the morning I submitted it. Thanks also to E and Jess, who read pieces of the story as I wrote it, and of course, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] oldromantic for giving a helpful prompt and for her gracious response to the story!

And now, onto the 2008 fanfic meme!

Stories I wrote (and posted):

New Beginnings Pie - (Waitress, Jenna/Jim Pomatter) - Jenna gets a pen pal and invents four pies.

Five Things Robin Scherbatsky Doesn't Do - (How I Met Your Mother, Robin/Barney) - Robin doesn't fall in love with Barney (except for how she totally does).

Bayside Revisited - (Saved by the Bell, Ensemble) - Bayside High's Class of 1993 celebrates its 15 year reunion.

For the third year in a row, I wrote three stories. Apparently I'm not only a slow writer, but a predictable one as well. The biggest change is that I wrote more words than I have before, I believe.

My favorite:

New Beginnings Pie, I think, probably because I haven't found any other Waitress fic out there, and so it's the story that most satisfied something I was looking for.

The best:

All three of my stories have flaws, and this is hard! I guess maybe Five Things Robin Scherbatsky Doesn't Do. I worked the longest on it, and has the fewest parts I dislike, at the very least.

The weakest:

Bayside Revisited, I think; I bit off more than I could chew with my story idea, and though I spent a lot of time on it, I still wish I'd had more time to work on the story. I wish I could have done another pass at the second half of the story in particular. This is probably the first time I've posted something that I wasn't 100% confident of at the time, and I feel pretty awful that it was a story written as a gift for someone else. I don't think it's awful, and I did my best to meet the wishes of my recipient, but I do have this nagging feeling that it could have been better, you know?

Story most unappreciated by the universe:

New Beginnings Pie got the fewest comments, but it got WAY more than I expected given the tininess of the fandom. So I don't feel it was unappreciated at all.

Most fun story:

Five Things Robin Scherbatsky Doesn't Do and Bayside Revisited were fun to write in different ways.

Bayside Revisited was fun in that I got to get in touch with my inner twelve-year-old, reliving the love I had for that show when I was a kid as I tried to imagine futures for each of the characters (BTW, it was kind of shocking and embarrassing how much I remembered).

Five Things Robin Scherbatsky Doesn't Do was fun because How I Met Your Mother provides such great characters and a fun universe to write in. Also, the idea I eventually came up with was kind of an homage to When Harry Met Sally, which is a movie both I and the person I was writing the story for love, and using that as inspiration led to a fun writing experience.

Hardest story to write:

Another tie, featuring the same players! Five Things Robin Scherbatsky Doesn't Do and Bayside Revisited were also the two hardest stories for me to write.

My friend E asked me for a Barney/Robin story for her birthday sometime in March, and since her birthday was in May, I said sure! I had plenty of time! And of course the story didn't get posted until late October. I spent months working at a concept that never ended up working out, until finally in September I came up with the idea that turned into Five Things Robin Scherbatsky Doesn't Do.

Bayside Revisited was hard because Saved by the Bell was a fandom I offered at the last minute of my Yuletide signup and never expected to actually be assigned it - so of course it's what I got! There was a fair bit of panicking, and hand-wringing, and anxiety about how I would ever be able to write something. And then I ended up writing 15,000 words.

Most unintentionally telling story:

Every year I say that all of my stories show that I'm a sucker for a happy ending, and that's true again this year. I also think that my Yuletide story revealed the true depth and breadth of my sappiness, something that was also clear in my other two stories, now that I think of it. Bayside Revisited also revealed how much time I spent in my formative years watching TNBC, something that I always believed would remain a deeply-held secret. Oh well!
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