Nov. 11th, 2008 01:20 am
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I signed up for Yuletide again! I am experiencing major anxiety! This may have been a bad decision!

Anyhoo, onto my Yuletide letter!

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Greetings! First of all, thank you! Thank you so much for taking on this challenge and writing a story for me! I picked fandoms that I have been dying to read stories in for ages (but in most cases haven't been able to find), so just having a story written in one of these fandoms will be amazing!

If you need more specific details about my likes and dislikes, though, I will ramble on!

First of all, Yuletide Writer, apologies for my het-centric requests. I know Yuletide is seen by many as a slash challenge, and I do enjoy slash (and have written some!), but for some reason, this year all of the stories I found myself wanting were het stories. However, I want you to know that if you're uncomfortable with that, a gen story in any of these fandoms is fine as well, since I do love the universes of each of the fandoms I requested.

In general, I like kindness, humor, hopeful endings, and people trying to be the best versions of themselves (and succeeding or failing).

I dislike meanness and cruelty, and don't tend to like stories where people prove their affection/regard for each other by hurting each other. People can write this well, and a lot of people dig it! I'm just not one of them, especially in the fandoms I chose for this challenge.

And maybe I'll mention a little bit about each fandom I chose and why I chose it (I meant to revise my requests before the deadline, but ran out of time, so this must do!):

My favorite thing in Broken Trail was Sun Fu and her tentative relationship with Tom Harte. I loved how she took a leadership role with the girls in her care, and I loved that at the end she was the one who decided that a relationship between them was worth pursuing. There was such a nice, quiet connection between them in the miniseries that I'd love to see explored.

In Grosse Pointe, I became fully and totally invested in the relationship between Marcy and Dave-the-Stand-In by the end of the series, and all the while I was burning through my DVDs, I kept thinking about how I couldn't WAIT for their big romantic resolution - and then it DIDN'T HAPPEN. That's what I've always longed for, but again, in this case, the show itself is so fun and funny that a gen story would be great, too.

Remember WENN was one of the first shows I was fannish about, and Betty and Scott were one of my first obsessions. I love Betty's brains and warm heart, and I love Scott's brashness and fundamental decency, and I love the way they play off of each other romantically and as friends. And so while a romantic story between the two of them would be my hope, a gen story focusing on the station would be great, too.

I read Mansfield Park for the first time earlier this year, and I was surprised to find that I actually rather liked Fanny. Her steadfast goodness, her gentle and kind heart that was able to stand up to stronger people around her - I loved that about her, even if she wasn't super spunky or witty or clever. And so while I requested a Fanny/Edmund story (because I do wonder how he came around to wanting to marry her, really), what I'm really interested in is Fanny, as she was in the novel.

And I think that's about it! Thanks again! I know you will do awesome, because anything you write I will be so happy to read!

P.S. Fabulous Yuletide Writer, if you find yourself stuck or longing for advice and this letter isn't help enough, you can contact the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] sinsense with any questions you might have. She is an amazing writer and she has an excellent feel for what I like in a story, so feel free to get in touch with her!

Yay! Yuletide!

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Date: 2008-11-11 04:22 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] suzy_queue
I'm so glad you requested WENN - this was the first year I didn't, and that kind of made me sad. *g*

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Date: 2008-11-12 01:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fearlessfan.livejournal.com
Remember WENN! I still miss that show so much. We need DVDs!


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